Natas- level 10 Writeup


Natas- level 8 Writeup

To look at plain site this resembles the level 6 where you have to enter a secret word ;), now let us look at the source code for further clarification by looking at the source we can tell that there is a variable named "encodedSecret " and its encoded and if that is validated against... Continue Reading →

Natas- level 7 Writeup

in this level we are given a front end with two pages. observe the URL as you navigate through the pages. Now let us look at the source code of the homepage for some further clarifiaction since its said that the password is at /etc/natas_webpass/natas8  all we have to do is substitue /index.php?page=home with /index.php?page=/etc/natas_webpass/natas8 revealing... Continue Reading →

Natas- level 6 Writeup

In this level we are given a input box. Since this gives no proper enlightment on what to do we will check the source code for clarification as suggested by the source code a file "includes/" is validated against $secret to check the value of this variable $secret access and give this secret to the input... Continue Reading →

Natas- level 5 Writeup

Now after logging into the natas 5 page you will see this. As the hint suggests. check if you are logged in. HOW DO YOU DO THAT? you just logged in right? :P. how does a web page keep credentials about your logins throughout? hooray you are right. 😀 through Cookies. lets check the cookie... Continue Reading →

Natas- level 4 Writeup

In this level we login with the credentials given at the previous level. After a while a clue is being given on the front end itself. It says users should come only from "" which means there is a referer checck involved we can do this via many ways. If you are using chrome check... Continue Reading →

NATAS- Over the Wire

This is a war game hosted at Over the wire based on basics of server side web-security. NOTE all passwords are also stored in /etc/natas_webpass/natasx Below are the write ups for the Natas levels Level 0-3 natas-level-0-3-write ups

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